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Workshop Grants

Emerging Technologies Interest Group (ETIG) Workshop Grants

To apply for a grant, please send an email to the ETIG Convenor(s). Applications should state topic and date of workshop, relevancy to technology in libraries, sponsoring bodies, estimated cost, the number of expected delegates and a contact person. Applications must also agree in writing to adhere to the grant Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Applications should state:
      Topic and date of workshop

    • relevancy to library technology
    • sponsoring associations/institutions
    • estimated cost and what the grant will be used for
    • contact person
    • number of expected participants
  2. Participation is not limited to ETIG members, but ETIG members must be allowed to attend at a discount (50% of the registration fee or higher).
  3. For an institution to qualify for a ETIG grant, registration must be open to attendees outside the institution.
  4. The ETIG is to be listed as the sponsor or co-sponsor on the program and/or advertising.
  5. Grants are to be used for workshops and not for periodic events like annual conferences or meetings.
  6. Grant recipients agree to provide the ETIG with a workshop summary to be distributed to the ETIG membership.

Send inquiries or applications to:


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