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Want to host Access? Read on!

The underlying premise of these guidelines is to maintain a balanced regional allocation of host sites, with programmes that address a balance of technology issues pertaining to academic, public and special libraries, as well as the larger library community.

Procedures and Timelines

Proposals for hosting Access should be submitted to the Chair/Co-chairs of ETIG no less than one month before CLA in the years proceeding the conference date. Proposals will be discussed and a decision will be made at the ETIG business meeting at CLA. The final decision/allocation will be announced shortly after CLA. Note: for Access 2011, the deadline to receive proposals is November 15, 2010.

In the event that there is only one proposal, and it is deemed to be acceptable, the allocation/decision may be made at CLA.

In the event that there are no proposals, or no acceptable proposals, deadline for submissions will be extended until two weeks prior to the Access conference, and will follow a parallel procedure of distribution and review, with the decision/announcement to be made as soon after Access as is practicable.


Access has traditionally been held in late September or early October.

Efforts should be made, wherever possible to rotate the conference location amongst the Canadian regions. Considerations for location include:

  • Is the location easy to get to? From within Canada? from outside Canada?
  • Is the cost to get to the location a factor?
  • Once there, is there sufficient, convenient local transportation?


  • Is there enough space to host the sessions? Particularly the large keynotes. (attendance levels are typically 100-200)
  • If there are multiple locations–are they in close proximity to one another?
  • Are they handicapped accessible?
  • Is local (wireless) connectivity sufficient?

Other Considerations

  • Technical support – who is responsible? Firms in the area/volunteers from host institution/firms in other cities, towns? Will the technical requirements be adequately met? (Local lines, bandwidth, etc.)
  • Catering- are special needs taken care of? Are there enough options to allow the host to select reasonably priced meals?

Please submit your application via email to the ETIG convenor(s).

Previous Access Conferences


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